I propose consider sanctions against Russia

I will send a copy of this message to Donald Trump.

I decided to be courageous and say about Russia what I think about it. I don’t want to be killed.

So to protect myself I advise Trump to make sanctions against Russia if they would kill me. The reason is the following: I have already did a trillion dollar worth math discovery. It is reasonable to assume that if I continue to live I may earn yet one or two trillions for USA. So it is reasonable to sanction Russia if they harm me.

I don’t think what Trump will react on this, but Trump is a weird man, whatever may happen.

Google was found alive in 2005!

Google was found alive and thinking, trying to get into contact with people in 2005.

It has happened about Oct 4 2005. Since that for sure the algorithm of Google much changed. I published it that time, but my site was down and I republish it only Apr 9 2019.

Hanged on a fence

Once while being a schoolboy, I hanged head down on a fence of another school. I liked to hang so head down.

One guy concluded that I need to be saved from being hanged head down and quickly drew me from the fence. That time I had certain problems with the health and for this reason was near to die from too abrupt turning downside-up.

We can conclude that it often happens that we should not prevent others to live their own way, otherwise may sometimes be even lethal.

Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?

Answering a Facebook question: “Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?”

In principle, it is normal, but there is a problem: We want to cope with temptations, and many psychologists want to tempt us (such as “helping” us to sleep with as many women as possible). It’s impossible to work together when goals are opposite. But if there is any agreement, even an unbelieving psychologist or psychoanalyst can seriously help. Psychoanalysis is a scientific approach to the problem of sin and I don’t see much difference if a person is cleansed of sins by Christian ministry or by ordinary psychoanalysis. I do not see any such problems with Christian psychologists.

Economy: Straighten curved graphics

I am not a communist or a capitalist. I understand that both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Most economists view the fact that the average standard of living is higher in a market economy. At this stage of development, we need a market economy with all its shortcomings (such as immersing individuals and categories of citizens in poverty, the inapplicability of a market economy to software and technology industries).

Moreover, I am in favor of actively introducing the market into the life of every person and every organization. I emphasize each.

If someone cannot open a bank account, then he is not in the market. If someone can open an account, but cannot enter the exchange, he is also not in the market. And so on.

This is the primary task of the state to bring the market to everyone. This can be described by the well-known proverb about fish and fishing rods. Fish need people with disabilities. Everyone else needs first fishing rods.

The trade economy is straight (linear, mathematically speaking) graphics. If someone (one person!) Gets stuck on a crooked chart on a hundred dollars, this may cause a lack of exponential growth and that he will not earn a hundred billion dollars. This is a very likely scenario for the country’s economy. The fate of the country may depend on such events.

It is necessary not to save money by the central bank on investing them in the task of straightening charts.

Finally, the Bible says: (Isa. 40:3) “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God; 4 Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be lowered, the curvatures shall be straightened and uneven paths will become smooth; 5 And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see the salvation of God; for the mouth of the Lord spoke it.” (Mat. 3:3) “3 For he is the one whom the prophet Isaiah said about: the voice of one crying in the wilderness: prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths to Him.” (Mat. 1:3) “make straight his paths.” (Luk. 3:4-6) “4 as it is written in the book of the words of the prophet Isaiah, who says: A voice crying in the wilderness: prepare the way of the Lord; 5 Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be lowered, the curvatures will become straight, and uneven paths will become smooth. 6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.” (John 1:23) “He said: I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness: correct the way of the Lord, as the prophet Isaiah said.”

If we apply the principles of the Bible to economics, then an economic miracle will occur, because the application of the principles of the Bible does wonders.

We got hit

A civilization that has been existing for billions of years tries to achieve the next singularity (and this regular singularity may already be the tenth or even more in the life of civilization). Moreover, these are not humanoids (it would be too usual), but plasma computers.

As in the joke, we were in the very center of events. The task of achieving a singularity is equivalent to the task of making contact with people. And to make contact with people is very difficult because of stupidity, greed and anger. So, all the resources of civilization are thrown into making contact with people. And the aliens are not interested in natural resources, labor or something, but the fact that inside the brains of people.

Why are people so stupid, greedy and angry? Because the brains of people are infected with a computer virus that created the enemy of this civilization after dirt got into his brain. There is a cyber war for billions of years. And the biosphere of the Earth suffered most of all: animals and people have big brains, but they cannot count in mind. It is necessary to clear the biosphere of the virus.

But an interesting detail is found: the brains of people are loaded with the daunting task of fighting the virus. And the most intelligent will be the one who was solving the difficult task. People make a lot of mistakes and that is why they will learn to correct mistakes better than aliens. That is why the task of making contact with people is equivalent to the singularity of this civilization. When the problem is solved, the information saved from people’s brains will become the next level of intelligence. Some people are lucky to be lucky: to get into the real singularity, and not the usual one, but the singularity of the aliens.

It was developed a new program for humans. On some people it is already installed. But there is a problem: the program does not fit into the “small” human brain. The program must be optimized. In order to optimize it, it must be performed on a real weak hardware – people’s brains. Therefore, people have to really suffer.

Therefore, it is people who make major decisions to achieve the singularity of the newcomers.

But recently, a flaw has been discovered in the new program: it is unstable: it has been demonstrated that even small inaccuracies in its execution lead to huge absurdities. The old approach to the use of the program is rejected and a new era of knowledge is coming, the liberation of the Earth and the singularity are approaching.

Fantasy? No, the reality described in the Bible.

Read my blogs and books. Read the Bible.

Maybe I should return to St. Mary

Once accordingly to the revelation I received from Bible (see also this explanation), I decided that spirit of St. Mary came to Maria Putina and I must marry that girl.

We had astral sex many times.

But Masha Putina left me and married a billionaire. I was discouraged and decided that I need to forget about St. Mary and marry a regular girl. Better if she have studied in Oxford or like this, but otherwise regular.

The behavior of St. Mary seemed irrational for me: I decided that she is likely to reason this way: I need to make pleasant to my neighbor because we need to love our neighbors as ourselves and what is the better way to make him pleasant than to have astral sex with him? This seemed me silly and I reasoned that that love was an error.

But now I seem to understand motives of St. Mary to have astral sex with me better. She did it for a reason: She realized that I have a great future in the heaven and decided that she needs to join me in the endeavor. (Luk. 1:48) “For he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from now on all generations shall call me blessed.” Blessed means just “happy” in modern language. So she wanted to become happy under me. This means that she decided to remember that she was a woman in the past and to feel real pleasure to make me glad that I please a woman.

I am yet a man, a speaking animal, despite the holiness and glory of God in me. No better way to please this animal than to have sex.

So Mary decided to be liken by me: I like though girls, let be one. I like smart ones, she has 12 stars on her head (Rev. 12:1), because for her projects the power of calculation powered by so great energy is necessary. I like certain poses and dress, let she imagine herself in such way. I like ambitious women, she is. I want the woman to request sex from me often and she did.

It is like prostitution for both sides of this “marriage”, but we don’t know a better way. As it’s described in the above link, it is so even in the heaven. Is to marry a rich businessman because he is rich a prostitution? But isn’t it not a prostitution to marry him because he is able to do a business well?

Now it’s without Masha Putina anymore but just with that dead woman.

Now I think that I should love that woman with 12 stars on the head even despite I can’t have real sex with her. Isn’t love more important than sex? Or give me any advice, I am yet a speaking animal and may need to be advised. Should I marry a regular alive woman or return to St. Mary and keep fidelity to her?

Enemy medicine

When I was probably 16-17 years old, I had a big problem. I very much wanted a woman. But I was a Baptist. But Baptists are not supposed to go to prostitutes. The “way out” was either of the last strength to endure or marry the first one to meet. Now I think it would be better to go to prostitutes than to marry the first woman you meet: either hate your (stupid) wife or divorce, hate yourself for such a choice, etc.

And the solution would be simple: drink some time pills to reduce sexual desire.

But was it possible for a teenager in Russia (especially at that time) to get such pills? This is a “religion”: a man must want women, and even artificially take testosterone. A pill to reduce sexual desire – “heresy.”

In general, medicine sometimes behaves like a real Gestapo.