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Borders of science – objects more complex that ourselves?

November 20, 2018

Imagine a big construction and an engineer has moved a little detail from an one place of this construction to an other place.

What has moved? The little detail, could reply you. But what if I would say that the little detail has not moved but the rest of the construction has moved around the little detail? It could be also correct.

So the only reason why we choose to say that the detail rather than the rest of the construction has moved is size (sometimes we choose other criteria than size, such as weight, importance, price, complexity of construction, etc.)

If we would have a construction consisting of details of about equal size and the positions of details would change relatively each other, we would have not reason to prefer one of two details, which of two has moved and which has remained in its place!

Now let one of two details is yourself (or your brain, see here about variant with soul instead of brain, for these who believe in soul).