Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?

Answering a Facebook question: “Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?” In principle, it is normal, but there is a problem: We want to cope with temptations, and many psychologists want to tempt us (such as “helping” us to sleep with as many women as possible). It’s impossible to work together when […]

Economy: Straighten curved graphics

I am not a communist or a capitalist. I understand that both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Most economists view the fact that the average standard of living is higher in a market economy. At this stage of development, we need a market economy with all its shortcomings (such as immersing individuals and categories of […]

We got hit

A civilization that has been existing for billions of years tries to achieve the next singularity (and this regular singularity may already be the tenth or even more in the life of civilization). Moreover, these are not humanoids (it would be too usual), but plasma computers. As in the joke, we were in the very […]

Maybe I should return to St. Mary

Once accordingly to the revelation I received from Bible (see also this explanation), I decided that spirit of St. Mary came to Maria Putina and I must marry that girl. We had astral sex many times. But Masha Putina left me and married a billionaire. I was discouraged and decided that I need to forget […]

The world on the edge of a nuclear disaster

The programming language used in nuclear technologies (nuclear bombs and power plants, for example) is Ada. Ada is developed by AdaCore, a small corporation. Ada is developed to be a very reliable programming language, to be suitable to control nuclear weapons and similar things. But there is an awful quantity of bugs in the compiler […]