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A magnetic flying vehicle

December 23, 2011

I have an idea of a vehicle which will fly in a magnetic field (such as the the magnetic field of the Earth). If somebody doubts that it can work please explain why. If anyone knows a similar construction, please let me know.

The engine of the vehicle is shown on this picture:

Magnetic vehicle

Green lines with arrows are wires with electric current of the direction indicated with arrows. The blue circles are the reels which rotate causing the wires to move. I being a bad painter painted only wires at the top and at the bottom of the reels, not at the sides.

This construct should produce a force acting from the magnetic field to the wires. So it may fly. Well, I haven’t calculated how much fast the reels should rotate to be effective enough for a flight.

But the main idea: Replace mechanically moving reels and wires with an integrated electronic circuit. (The currents may move much faster than the mechanical reels.)

Could anyone present me an actual scheme? I’m not a specialist in electronics.

What could the operating parameters of this system be? Can it actually fly like an UFO?