Many questions

March 8, 2019

Questions about this event:

Why our prophecies, expectations, and views turned to be both correct and incorrect?

Why “if to offend a child, God will make wrath on us” turned into “if to offend a wunderkind…” Why the wrath almost reached Russia not for unjust offence to a regular offended beggar, but for offending a mathematician without a diploma which seems to become a Nobel laureate soon?

Why I have no diploma: because of religious discrimination and sins of other people or because of my own religious stupidity which led me to quit college?

Why the most poor and most offended was a genius? The wrath of God neared for all the nation offending and torturing one beggar or for offending namely a genius?

Why God threatened us with His wrath but unexpectedly changed nuclear war to informational war? Or informational war is more tremendous that a nuclear one?

Why one who we counted the most last turned to be almost the most important or only seeming to be so?

Why something what seems for us (and me) important turns to be unimportant and reversely? Or not so?

Why a seemingly like God’s sender, greater than Elisha, greater than Samuel, greater than Moses suddenly turns out to be a common fallen unspiritual man, which even a few years didn’t visit a church? Both simultaneously! Why holyness and attempt of obedience to God become the main reason of the fall? Or is it not because holiness but because of a stupid religious error and fanaticism? Or because of incorrect philosophy? Or just God by His will, not regardless of faces, decided that he will make wrath namely on this man, to show His mercy afterward? Or is it all the same?

Why after we prayed that God would strike Orthodox Church, God with one “burst” covered both Orthodoxies and Protestants, or are we now former Protestants? Does this mean that God decided to make such a wonder as to join us into one church?

Why God sent “wolfs”, forest nurses, to clean the church, but this time God sent a mutant?

Why one mutant changes the history of the entire mankind? A mutation of the brain is it a genius or madness? Or a genius is just one who is unlike others?

Why “awakening starts with me” turned into awakening starts from a genius or awakening starts from “someone very great”?

Why “awakening starts from repentance” turned into awakening starts from correcting a philosophical error? Why the philosophical error led to masturbation which seems to be like a sin? or is it just “like” but really a common consequence of a philosophical error? Why the awakening starts “as it should be” that somebody stopped sexual fantasies and this changes the destiny of the entire world? Why the most stupid error turns out to be an advanced abstruse philosophical concept?

Why the greatest awakening ever starts with a funny hype article in a blog? Or it only seems that it starts? It is a funny article or a nightmare or both? Is this a great literature masterpiece or just a common scandalous article? Is this a common hype because of this incidentally happened an awakening or the glory of God came? Why the awakening starts from me, but because of my stupid errors? Or because I corrected the error? Is it several errors or more essentially one big error, which God corrected at once?

Why I repented not something but that followed God’s commandments? But I followed them like an idiot, like a robot, like a pharisee. Or is the essence in that I trying to fulfill some little things violated more important commandments?

Why God denounced Saint Mary herself for the wrong philosophical concept? Or was it not just the wrong philosophical concept, but a kind of sin? But aren’t the saints in heaven without sin? But aren’t saints on the heaven sinless? But we know that absolutely sinless is only God. Repentance of herself so called “heavenly queen” is the event most important for the history of the mankind or just some little, common thing? Or did an ordinary sister repent, and from this the awakening began?

God acts in the Church or in the entire world? Or is it now one the same?

Why the awakening starts with a false prophecy? Or is it a true prophecy which was just wrongly understood?

Why I become a milliardarie because I do not understand anymore what to do? Or now everybody will not understand what to do and because of this everybody will soon live like milliardaries? Or did God decide to crash our economy through fall of the old religion? But to understand that we still do not understand anything and there is a real understanding. Or does it not matter?

If Christ died, as the Gospel says, for sins of the whole world, does this mean that if the world will become unwhole (even one man or woman would be offended and excluded from the communication), then the Lord will punish us? Or on the new level this principle already does not act and God’s mercy will remain with us even if we offend somebody?

Why has it started a scandal which in some reason hooked Mary Putina and the main bishop of one of the biggest Protestant churches of Russia Eduard Grabovenko? Is Mary Putina tremendously disgraced or glorified by God? Or both? For some, God knows which, merits or “just so”? Why I write about these people so tremendous things? Should everybody of us to make peace with each other? Why I offend these who are greater than me in the church by the rank and position? or am I a great God’s sender and they are common people, bastards, which I convicted of sin or condemned?

I am a prophet which proclaims coming awakening or an idiot which caught a big hype? Or it only seems for me that I caught it?

Why the most greedy man tuned out to be most generous? Or both simultaneously?

Why this genius like as by an accident turned to be a past little fool, which God gave the mind back? Or does God want t show that He can to us all little fools to return the mind?


A religious catastrophe

March 7, 2019

There are catastrophes technological, natural, economical, political. But it happened what we didn’t know that it may happen, a religious catastrophe.

Glory to God.

Some religious fanatic, sectarian, simply saying a radical Protestant once through study of the Greek text of the Gospel received a word from God, but misunderstood it.

Because of his idiotic error, he decided that he must marry the beauty Maria Putina, a daughter of Russian president (when she was not yet married), what is plainly a quite common false prophecy. Because it is impossible for a poor sectarian to meet Mary Putina, he started to masturbate thinking about her that Mary Putina would feel this telepathically and enjoyed this. I can’t say now for sure how much “effective” was this form of “sex” and whether Mary enjoyed, but further happened an error in the space.

Apparently the saint Mary in the heaven was sure that the main thing in the life is to make enjoyment for a neighbor. Fulfilling her philosophical idea, she started to invent all new poses for sex that the boy would feel it and enjoyed more. For this there were used giant calculating powers in the heaven. Certainly Mary understood that does something wrong but was unable to invent something better.

For his part, the sectarian who fell in love with the Holy Virgin was convinced that the purpose of life was to analyze the Bible and to carry out what was written there as accurately as possible. Armed with the dictionaries of the Greek and Hebrew languages, he proceeded to his plan. As I have already said, having read my non-standard translation in the Gospel, which clearly and correctly follows the grammar of the Greek language and at the same time constitutes an amazingly coherent and logical text that should completely convince the reader that this is an encrypted message from antiquity. But the absurdity has reached the limit.

Because of his religious fanaticism and dogmatism, about which he understood that he had some kind of fundamental error in religion, but did not understand what, as well as the usual bad luck, but to the extreme, the boy was a lot of torment in childhood. In addition, the brothers in faith for some reason did not help religious fanatics get out of the problems. To top it all off, this student made a significant scientific discovery, for which, in his opinion, he deserves a Nobel level award, if not higher. In a word, the most typical martyr, a faithful beggar, a great scientist and a saint. Yes, and a crazy genius. To top it all, the guy extremely greedily wanted to raise money for research and charity, and this greed, of course, met with the resistance of other people, which was one of the reasons that he almost died of starvation, but in contrast he decided not to do anything for himself because of being entangled in religious dogma. And that’s not it. See the links below to learn the depth of the absurdity that has occurred. It is probably impossible to describe what happened, read the links themselves below.

As befits a radical Protestant, he decided that since he was so offended, God’s wrath must come down from heaven and destroy the city of unbelieving sinners where these events took place. He found in the Gospel a confirmation of his idea.

But he was engaged in masturbation, but it was by the will of God. Confused, the boy waited for a nuclear war and expected that God would finally punish sinners, make him a famous and influential prophet, and reward Masha Putin, who in his opinion was not fundamentally different from St. Mary who had descended from heaven.

I am this idiot.

But God is tougher than we thought. I wrote about this so ridiculous article that now I seriously expect this “humor” in the news. This, I suppose, will lead to repentance of a billion people, and I will be made a billionaire. It seems an absurd conclusion, but it seems to me that what I wrote is really funnier than the grumpy cat and almost all other jokes from the Internet and logically should collect billions of views. Maybe I will be awarded another Nobel Prize in literature for several not very long articles in my blog. Now I’m not sure about anything. But it seems that soon the world will be completely different.

If you want to know what God has done or just laugh before you drop down, read my funny articles on the Internet:

Dreams have double consciousness 2

January 26, 2019

In continuation of double consiousness of night dreams topic:

Now I saw in a dream that we traveled to borders of the Solar System. We saw some small creatures.

I the sleep I heard: This is more complex, because the image is considered as Gnome.

I first thought: Why “gnome”? What if the creature is not small size? A little later in the dream I realized that a 3D image for Gnome Desktop Envuiroment  is meant.

If I had an infinite amount of money

December 9, 2018

(For immediate release, allowed to reprint this article unlimited but only without changes.)

Ever dreamed to have an infinite amount of money?

Now you can do and can do easily (and for free). Well, there is a catch: You must agree that the money will be used only for a certain nonprofit project. They say that soon everybody will have his own currency. Not sure about everybody, but every nonprofit project should have its own currency.

To have an infinite amount of money you simply issue your own money (like as US Reserve publishes dollars), but you don’t need to buy expensive money presses because of modern Internet technology.

It is quite easy now: You just register as a user of this site and then enter your nonprofit project info at add project page. After this you click Submit button, wait a few seconds and you have your own currency! You can even create several currencies for several projects (however, it is recommended to make one currency for several projects if these projects are related with each other).

Technically your brand new currency is implemented as Ethereum tokens. So I will below refer to your currency as tokens.

You have an infinite amount of money now, but (the world is not perfect) you need to exchange it for something more liquid. For example your currency may be exchanged for Ether. Ether is an electronic currency (think of it as a more advanced version of BitCoin). The magic of this site is that it created (when you clicked Submit) a smart contract for you. This kind of smart contract is a wallet holding the Ether which you should earn in the process. Anyone can send any amount of Ether to your contract and your contract will automatically send him some tokens (see below for the formula). You can withdraw Ether from your smart contract to your personal or corporate wallet using the site.

Why anyone may want to send Ether to you? There are two possible reasons: 1. He may want to support your nonprofit project. 2. He is after receiving your tokens (I remind that when he sends his Ether to your smart contract, he receives tokens automatically.) He may hope to sell your tokens at higher price than the price he purchased it.

But why we hope that our tokens will increase in price? The reason is the following: Some users will want to make good, therefore they will use such currencies, what will lead to increasing exchange rates for such currencies, what will lead more users what in turn will increase the exchange rate. This is a virtuous circle of increasing the exchange rate. This may make the cryptocurrencies associated with projects even more profitable that regular cryptocurrencies.

Note that as the market grows the price of the token grows, it may probably become more profitable to buy our tokens at an exchange than by sending Ether to the contract address. The formula for the price may limit only the upper bound of the price, as exchanges may probably sell our tokens cheaper. Thus we expect that for good nonprofit projects the tokens will be listed by major cryptoexchanges.

Technical details

The smart contract (the thing you created when pressed Submit button) holds a very big amount of money, 1024 tokens. Satisfied with this amount of money? But I lied to you: It only appears to be 1024 when displayed in a wallet, but in fact it is an infinite amount of money! It means, when you withdraw it, it remains 1024 (does not decrease). If somebody (probably for his stupidity) sends the tokens to your contract, it remains 1024 (does not increase). So it is just… infinite. This project after all is created after the dream: what if I’d have an infinite amount of money.

There is also calculated total amount of your token in the Net. Your 1024 are not counted in the total amount. So when you withdraw tokens from your account, the total amount of your tokens in the Net increases (and it decreases if somebody will (stupidly) send tokens to your account).

Now the information for traders: I remind that the smart contracts (at least these which are created by our site) send you the tokens when you send your Ether to a contract address. The formula is: The amount of tokens sent back is calculated by the formula e2/(T+e) where T is the total amount of Ether received to this token before the purchase and e is the amount of Ether sent in this transaction. Note that this formula offers huge discounts to big (wholesale) transactions. Be sure to be among the firsts to buy! You could sell back at a higher price.

About creating a project

You need first to add MetaMask extension to your browser and create an account (which you will use as the owner account below). You can’t control Ethereum by your browser without this extension.

When you create a project, you enter (all or a part of) the following fields:

  • Owner account – You need to create it with an Ethereum wallet software. You can use this account to withdraw money to it (or you can enter another account to withdraw to it every time when you withdraw) and to control the smart contract.
  • Currency symbol (recommened to use three capital letters) – For example for the nonprofit project of our site itself, it is CRY.
  • Currency name
  • Project title
  • Project description
  • Allowed use of money
    • How you argee to use the money for your nonprofit project. You are specifically asked whether you allow or disallow yourself (by legal binding) to use that money for advertiments and press releases in particular (because the amount spent in ads may be practically unlimted, but you may want to limit yourself for better trade).
  • Related link (where is your project in Internet)
  • Information about the nonprofit organization (if the project is not just personal)
  • That you agree with our terms.

After you succeeded to receive some Ether (you can monitor it with this page when you are logged in), you can withdraw the Ether to your owner account or any other Ethereum account by Project admin area (visible when you are logged in) of the project page. When you withdraw, you must explain how you are going to use the money.

That’s all. It cannot be even simpler. For more site features, just try it.

Investment ideas

As the price grows, if you have a big amount of money you can do cheap wholesale purchase and then sell tokens to other traders who don’t own enough money for a big purchase, thus setting the price for them above the price you purchased for.

While price is yet low, purchasing even a small amount (and big too) of tokens may turn out to be profitable.

I knew BitCoin will rise from the beginning but didn’t buy it

December 6, 2018

Since I heard of BitCoin first I somehow knew (apparently as a revelation from God) it will rise and reward its enthusiasts.

But I didn’t buy it. It is because I had some significant mistake in my religion and knew I have a mistake. I just didn’t know what exactly the mistake is. If I profitted from it, I would probably use the money to preach the mistake, for the harm of the world, to make anybody following me poor.

My new religion is described in this book. Now it is free of contradictions.

See also my other Christian books and sermons.

Borders of science – objects more complex that ourselves?

November 20, 2018

Imagine a big construction and an engineer has moved a little detail from an one place of this construction to an other place.

What has moved? The little detail, could reply you. But what if I would say that the little detail has not moved but the rest of the construction has moved around the little detail? It could be also correct.

So the only reason why we choose to say that the detail rather than the rest of the construction has moved is size (sometimes we choose other criteria than size, such as weight, importance, price, complexity of construction, etc.)

If we would have a construction consisting of details of about equal size and the positions of details would change relatively each other, we would have not reason to prefer one of two details, which of two has moved and which has remained in its place!

Now let one of two details is yourself (or your brain, see here about variant with soul instead of brain, for these who believe in soul).

Read the rest of this entry »

My article on sense of humor

May 29, 2018

Despite not being a professional psychologist, I published this article about sense of humor. The article proposed ground-breaking idea that humor is one of the most important components of mind.

What is physical reality?

May 23, 2017

I want to write down my thoughts about what is physical reality. I do not assume that my ideas on this is something novel, but want to share it anyway. If somebody knows a philosopher with similar ideas, please notify me.

Physical reality may be roughly described (by definition!) as the reality which we can feel (see, hear, etc.) and measure. The below is dedicated to elaborate this rough definition in more details.

First, we take as granted that physical reality is some mathematical object (in wide sense of this word).

Physical reality conforms to some mathematical “restrictions” (called “laws of physics”). In the hope to understand reality people assume that these restrictions are simple enough mathematical formulas.

Physical reality is assumed to be experimentally verifiable, what means simply that all kinds of projections of physical reality somehow influence our feelings (well, experimental verifiability also requires that they influence our feelings in a predictable way, but I skip this topic). Invisible things like God or a some vector field which cannot be measured in any way do not belong to physical reality. Speaking about “kinds” of projections, I keep in mind that some particular projections of physical reality may be immeasurable accordingly known laws of physics. (For example, we cannot measure the part of the metagalaxy which is outside Hubble sphere because they move away from us at above light speed.)

The next natural question to ask is what it means “to feel” or “to measure”. There is no strict distinction between to feel and to measure: To measure is to feel using some means of increased reliability and exactness (often using some sophisticated device between the measured object and our sensory organs).

We “feel” something when our brain is influenced by something in physical reality. The brain (or taking wider, our body together with some measuring devices) is itself a physical object (that is a part of physical reality).

I will skip the question that we cannot define the word brain with technical precision, but we know what is and what isn’t a brain with a great number of details.

We can define “measuring” in a very general way: It is when the state of a physical object (for example, a brain) is influenced with some another (or maybe even the same, as when we see ourselves in a mirror) physical object. This is indeed very general: For example, every object measures the force applied to it, as the force influences its another part of physical state, the acceleration.

However usually the words feeling and measuring are applied only when they are interpreted by some mind (or a computer or another cybernetic device).

The laws of physics must be such that their description of being measured by a man (or a computer) as interacting between the measuring agent and the rest of physical reality produce the same description of measurement as what we actually measure.

Notice circularity in definitions of laws of physics and measurement: the physical reality the reality which describes the measurement and the measurement is defined based on laws of physics as in the previous paragraph.

So we cannot define physical reality and measurement exactly (it is a circular definition), well unless we actually define them. I mean that we should consider the possibility of laws of physics to be exactly defined as a well-defined part of the platonic reality (what means that physical reality is a mathematical object).

I believe that Christ is electromagnetic radiation of the universe: (Jn. 8:12) “Again, therefore, Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world””. So Christ is a physical object, but Christ is also a mathematical object (truth, wisdom, word). So a part (electromagnetic radiation) of our universe is also a part of platonic reality.

Actually, it seems that the entire world cannot be a well-defined object in platonic reality, because the world seems to be non-deterministic and we thus have no way to finitely describe mathematically the actual random state which is our physical reality.

What is a “physicist” (or more generally a “scientist”)? When a child grows he initially does not know the laws of physics but has some feelings. As he grows and study his conception of reality may become more exact during time. This can be described as an iterated process of attempting to define the laws of physics based on feelings and then explaining feelings by the laws of physics and then doing it again and again. Laws of physics are a fixed point of this process (that is when both laws of physics explain actual feelings and the reasons why feelings are such (under the condition that the child reaches scientific maturity) are explained by laws of physics.

By the way, understanding nature by a brain (or computer) is just a very complex case of measurement, when the state of the brain as a measuring device depends on the outside world in a very sophisticated (and complex) way.

I am myself not a physicist, but I have some hope that this my little philosophy may possibly help for example quantum scientists to define what is and what isn’t a part of physical reality, for example whether both wave function and measured states of particles belong to physical reality.

Nondiscrimination policy discussion

December 14, 2016

“Nondiscrimination” (for example by nationality, age, sex, etc.) is generally a good idea.

But it can be taken into an absurd: I am weak so I am discriminated by heavy lifting championships, as I don’t have a prize which strong people receive. This is a discrimination by strength.

In comments to this post, please discuss how to define discrimination more exactly, in such as way not to lead to an absurd like above.

This discussion may have or not have political consequences, but I am personally puzzled how to define discrimination exactly and wish to receive an answer.

Dreams have double consciousness

August 2, 2016

My today dream (although I do not already remember details) proves that in sleep a person may have what I call “double consciousness”.

The first consciousness (let’s call it “I”) is the consciousness which I have now (in wake), that is the memory of what I “saw” in the dream is perceived as “my” memory, the same consciousness which I saw in the sleep.

But there is another “intellect” in the dream, the one which shows me the dream. This “other consciousness” generates the dream which “I” see. Moreover the another consciousness sometimes present a puzzle for “me” while I am sleeping. This time in my dream it was so (although I forgot the details, what the riddle was exactly).

That the puzzle was presented for me and I was not immediately aware about the solution, proves that there is another generator of dreams, different that the my consciousness.