Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?

Answering a Facebook question: “Is it normal for a Christian to contact a psychologist?” In principle, it is normal, but there is a problem: We want to cope with temptations, and many psychologists want to tempt us (such as “helping” us to sleep with as many women as possible). It’s impossible to work together when […]

Dreams have double consciousness

My today dream (although I do not already remember details) proves that in sleep a person may have what I call “double consciousness”. The first consciousness (let’s call it “I”) is the consciousness which I have now (in wake), that is the memory of what I “saw” in the dream is perceived as “my” memory, […]

The reason of Freud’s psychoanalysis theory

Recently I have realized why psychoanalysis works in the way it works: Subconscious (called “heart” in Bible) is a generator of ideas. Conscious is a filter of ideas. Subconscious generates many ideas but just a few reach conscious. The purpose of conscious is to filter few good ideas out of many wrong ones. One criterion […]