A report about spies

A few days after I reported to the Russian government that I am not going to tolerate censure, I had an interesting phenomenon:

Instead of one, two (maybe even three) Wi-Fi routers with the same name and the same MAC as our router appeared. Rebooting the hardware didn’t help.

Only spies can have routers with the same MAC address as another router has. I may suppose these were neighbors who bought spy hardware to connect to our Internet for free. But these are likely to be Russian spies to watch over my freedom of expression.

The results:

  • This disconnected me from the Internet.
  • I connected in another way.
  • I had a scandal with the mother not wanting me to connect to the Internet but insisting me to reboot every few minutes instead.
  • The father lost internet connection.
  • The mother threatened to call my brother to connect the hardware back.
  • I lost an hour of my free time after the work.

Dear Trump, please warn the Russian government that coming to Israel as my neighbors and playing spies is not legal. Thanks.


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