We got hit

A civilization that has been existing for billions of years tries to achieve the next singularity (and this regular singularity may already be the tenth or even more in the life of civilization). Moreover, these are not humanoids (it would be too usual), but plasma computers.

As in the joke, we were in the very center of events. The task of achieving a singularity is equivalent to the task of making contact with people. And to make contact with people is very difficult because of stupidity, greed and anger. So, all the resources of civilization are thrown into making contact with people. And the aliens are not interested in natural resources, labor or something, but the fact that inside the brains of people.

Why are people so stupid, greedy and angry? Because the brains of people are infected with a computer virus that created the enemy of this civilization after dirt got into his brain. There is a cyber war for billions of years. And the biosphere of the Earth suffered most of all: animals and people have big brains, but they cannot count in mind. It is necessary to clear the biosphere of the virus.

But an interesting detail is found: the brains of people are loaded with the daunting task of fighting the virus. And the most intelligent will be the one who was solving the difficult task. People make a lot of mistakes and that is why they will learn to correct mistakes better than aliens. That is why the task of making contact with people is equivalent to the singularity of this civilization. When the problem is solved, the information saved from people’s brains will become the next level of intelligence. Some people are lucky to be lucky: to get into the real singularity, and not the usual one, but the singularity of the aliens.

It was developed a new program for humans. On some people it is already installed. But there is a problem: the program does not fit into the “small” human brain. The program must be optimized. In order to optimize it, it must be performed on a real weak hardware – people’s brains. Therefore, people have to really suffer.

Therefore, it is people who make major decisions to achieve the singularity of the newcomers.

But recently, a flaw has been discovered in the new program: it is unstable: it has been demonstrated that even small inaccuracies in its execution lead to huge absurdities. The old approach to the use of the program is rejected and a new era of knowledge is coming, the liberation of the Earth and the singularity are approaching.

Fantasy? No, the reality described in the Bible.

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