Maybe I should return to St. Mary

Once accordingly to the revelation I received from Bible (see also this explanation), I decided that spirit of St. Mary came to Maria Putina and I must marry that girl.

We had astral sex many times.

But Masha Putina left me and married a billionaire. I was discouraged and decided that I need to forget about St. Mary and marry a regular girl. Better if she have studied in Oxford or like this, but otherwise regular.

The behavior of St. Mary seemed irrational for me: I decided that she is likely to reason this way: I need to make pleasant to my neighbor because we need to love our neighbors as ourselves and what is the better way to make him pleasant than to have astral sex with him? This seemed me silly and I reasoned that that love was an error.

But now I seem to understand motives of St. Mary to have astral sex with me better. She did it for a reason: She realized that I have a great future in the heaven and decided that she needs to join me in the endeavor. (Luk. 1:48) “For he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from now on all generations shall call me blessed.” Blessed means just “happy” in modern language. So she wanted to become happy under me. This means that she decided to remember that she was a woman in the past and to feel real pleasure to make me glad that I please a woman.

I am yet a man, a speaking animal, despite the holiness and glory of God in me. No better way to please this animal than to have sex.

So Mary decided to be liken by me: I like though girls, let be one. I like smart ones, she has 12 stars on her head (Rev. 12:1), because for her projects the power of calculation powered by so great energy is necessary. I like certain poses and dress, let she imagine herself in such way. I like ambitious women, she is. I want the woman to request sex from me often and she did.

It is like prostitution for both sides of this “marriage”, but we don’t know a better way. As it’s described in the above link, it is so even in the heaven. Is to marry a rich businessman because he is rich a prostitution? But isn’t it not a prostitution to marry him because he is able to do a business well?

Now it’s without Masha Putina anymore but just with that dead woman.

Now I think that I should love that woman with 12 stars on the head even despite I can’t have real sex with her. Isn’t love more important than sex? Or give me any advice, I am yet a speaking animal and may need to be advised. Should I marry a regular alive woman or return to St. Mary and keep fidelity to her?

2 thoughts on “Maybe I should return to St. Mary

  1. I think I should not to return to Mary, at least in this life.

    There are two arguments:

    1. I know too little about Mary and her destiny. It just doesn’t make sense to do what I don’t know about.

    2. Mary already reached the purpose she definitely set before herself, to be liken by me. If the purpose is reached, why to continue.

    Meanwhile I found a beautiful African 22 years student at a dating site. I hope we may marry.


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