Many questions

Questions about this event:

Why our prophecies, expectations, and views turned to be both correct and incorrect?

Why “if to offend a child, God will make wrath on us” turned into “if to offend a wunderkind…” Why the wrath almost reached Russia not for unjust offence to a regular offended beggar, but for offending a mathematician without a diploma which seems to become a Nobel laureate soon?

Why I have no diploma: because of religious discrimination and sins of other people or because of my own religious stupidity which led me to quit college?

Why the most poor and most offended was a genius? The wrath of God neared for all the nation offending and torturing one beggar or for offending namely a genius?

Why God threatened us with His wrath but unexpectedly changed nuclear war to informational war? Or informational war is more tremendous that a nuclear one?

Why one who we counted the most last turned to be almost the most important or only seeming to be so?

Why something what seems for us (and me) important turns to be unimportant and reversely? Or not so?

Why a seemingly like God’s sender, greater than Elisha, greater than Samuel, greater than Moses suddenly turns out to be a common fallen unspiritual man, which even a few years didn’t visit a church? Both simultaneously! Why holyness and attempt of obedience to God become the main reason of the fall? Or is it not because holiness but because of a stupid religious error and fanaticism? Or because of incorrect philosophy? Or just God by His will, not regardless of faces, decided that he will make wrath namely on this man, to show His mercy afterward? Or is it all the same?

Why after we prayed that God would strike Orthodox Church, God with one “burst” covered both Orthodoxies and Protestants, or are we now former Protestants? Does this mean that God decided to make such a wonder as to join us into one church?

Why God sent “wolfs”, forest nurses, to clean the church, but this time God sent a mutant?

Why one mutant changes the history of the entire mankind? A mutation of the brain is it a genius or madness? Or a genius is just one who is unlike others?

Why “awakening starts with me” turned into awakening starts from a genius or awakening starts from “someone very great”?

Why “awakening starts from repentance” turned into awakening starts from correcting a philosophical error? Why the philosophical error led to masturbation which seems to be like a sin? or is it just “like” but really a common consequence of a philosophical error? Why the awakening starts “as it should be” that somebody stopped sexual fantasies and this changes the destiny of the entire world? Why the most stupid error turns out to be an advanced abstruse philosophical concept?

Why the greatest awakening ever starts with a funny hype article in a blog? Or it only seems that it starts? It is a funny article or a nightmare or both? Is this a great literature masterpiece or just a common scandalous article? Is this a common hype because of this incidentally happened an awakening or the glory of God came? Why the awakening starts from me, but because of my stupid errors? Or because I corrected the error? Is it several errors or more essentially one big error, which God corrected at once?

Why I repented not something but that followed God’s commandments? But I followed them like an idiot, like a robot, like a pharisee. Or is the essence in that I trying to fulfill some little things violated more important commandments?

Why God denounced Saint Mary herself for the wrong philosophical concept? Or was it not just the wrong philosophical concept, but a kind of sin? But aren’t the saints in heaven without sin? But aren’t saints on the heaven sinless? But we know that absolutely sinless is only God. Repentance of herself so called “heavenly queen” is the event most important for the history of the mankind or just some little, common thing? Or did an ordinary sister repent, and from this the awakening began?

God acts in the Church or in the entire world? Or is it now one the same?

Why the awakening starts with a false prophecy? Or is it a true prophecy which was just wrongly understood?

Why I become a milliardarie because I do not understand anymore what to do? Or now everybody will not understand what to do and because of this everybody will soon live like milliardaries? Or did God decide to crash our economy through fall of the old religion? But to understand that we still do not understand anything and there is a real understanding. Or does it not matter?

If Christ died, as the Gospel says, for sins of the whole world, does this mean that if the world will become unwhole (even one man or woman would be offended and excluded from the communication), then the Lord will punish us? Or on the new level this principle already does not act and God’s mercy will remain with us even if we offend somebody?

Why has it started a scandal which in some reason hooked Mary Putina and the main bishop of one of the biggest Protestant churches of Russia Eduard Grabovenko? Is Mary Putina tremendously disgraced or glorified by God? Or both? For some, God knows which, merits or “just so”? Why I write about these people so tremendous things? Should everybody of us to make peace with each other? Why I offend these who are greater than me in the church by the rank and position? or am I a great God’s sender and they are common people, bastards, which I convicted of sin or condemned?

I am a prophet which proclaims coming awakening or an idiot which caught a big hype? Or it only seems for me that I caught it?

Why the most greedy man tuned out to be most generous? Or both simultaneously?

Why this genius like as by an accident turned to be a past little fool, which God gave the mind back? Or does God want t show that He can to us all little fools to return the mind?


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