I knew BitCoin will rise from the beginning but didn’t buy it

Since I heard of BitCoin first (as I remember, I heard of it from a preacher in a church) I somehow knew (apparently as a revelation from God) it will rise and reward its enthusiasts. Not knowing its current price, how it is emitted, that its complexity grows exponentially, etc., I knew for sure that the price will grow exceedingly.

But I didn’t buy it. It is because I had some significant mistake in my religion and knew I have a mistake. I just didn’t know what exactly the mistake is. If I profited from it, I would probably use the money to preach the mistake, for the harm of the world, to make anybody following me poor.

Now I have my own crypto project with my own cryptocurrencies. Invest into it.

My new religion is described in this book. Now it is free of contradictions.

See also my other Christian books and sermons.

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