A magnetic flying vehicle

I have an idea of a vehicle which will fly in a magnetic field (such as the the magnetic field of the Earth). If somebody doubts that it can work please explain why. If anyone knows a similar construction, please let me know.

The engine of the vehicle is shown on this picture:

Magnetic vehicle

Green lines with arrows are wires with electric current of the direction indicated with arrows. The blue circles are the reels which rotate causing the wires to move. I being a bad painter painted only wires at the top and at the bottom of the reels, not at the sides.

This construct should produce a force acting from the magnetic field to the wires. So it may fly. Well, I haven’t calculated how much fast the reels should rotate to be effective enough for a flight.

But the main idea: Replace mechanically moving reels and wires with an integrated electronic circuit. (The currents may move much faster than the mechanical reels.)

Could anyone present me an actual scheme? I’m not a specialist in electronics.

What could the operating parameters of this system be? Can it actually fly like an UFO?


14 thoughts on “A magnetic flying vehicle

  1. Somebody suggested that electrons in conductors are moving slowly. So it cannot work (at least with exisitng conductor technologies), because after all the magnetic force interacts with electrons only.


  2. I think got a better idea that might work! Its so simple picture a X and at the end of each point on the X there was a + magnet faceing all right or left doesnt matter and the middle of the X is a piviot point so the X can rotate on the spot now picture a circle around the X with 4 more + magnets that are inline with the X magnets now if i could turn the Circle magnets (off on off on) when ever the X magnets are directly infront of it possiblely it will rotate if you no what i mean? Ive drawn a couple of pics of my magnetic engine in theory it sould work any questions why it wouldnt because iam in the making of building one just waiting on parts


  3. I was thinking the same thing..have magnets north and south of each other in a circle being able to pivot to have the faces being able to get closer pushing north and south to turn …north rings on top and south on the bottom ..but might need a minuture nuclear reactor to keep the magnets chagered some how


  4. Hello. I am a mechanical Engineer and I have a friend as an electrical engineer.We would be willing to do such a wild project as this. email me bakc ok?


  5. I too have been thinking about, the theory of geomagnetic flight, it’s been in my mind for about a year now, I have some ideas if this discussion is still ongoing get in touch




  6. I have been thinking this ever since high school . I got laughed at a lot. I am currently working on the magnetic motor . I haven’t got to the flying part yet but I will .


  7. hello ,ive read and saw your desighn i also am trying to construct an engine .i have ideas but im learning new tech skills hopefully soon i will take some electrical engineering classes.most anti lev engines just usualy work on a magnetic platform or a magnetic field base ontop of another platform.thats not a real llift engine ,cause it cant move any where just float on top its base.16 years iv been on this.you should check some youtube videos out about david huchinson .hes broken alot of bounderies with magnetic fields..


  8. First of all your contraption WON’T fly, because of the weight of currently available technological apparatus which you will will need to turn the REELS and the fact that simply spinning current carrying conductors will not produce enough magnetic effect to have ANY influence on earth’s magnetic field. To produce a magnetic flying vehicle capable of ‘earth flight’ your vehicle would have to produce a magnetic field that totally opposed earth’s magnetic field at all times no matter where on earth you where flying. It would also have to have a variable field strength control to cater for the earth’s magnetic field weakening as you flew further away from the ground and known anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field in various places on the planet.


  9. Now I created an another model of it. And in this model the force is zero, so it cannot fly. There is a contradiction between the posted macroscopic model and the below microscopic model. There is error somewhere in my models. Please help to understand where is my error.

    Microscopic model:

    In average the sum of speeds of all electrons in the engine is zero (otherwise it could accumulate charges infinitely). All a consequence the sum of the forces of magnetic field of the Earth acting on all electrons is zero (because the magnetic force for an electron is proportional to its speed). So it can’t fly.


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