Putin has not answered my request

(This is a translation of a Russian blog post.)

I have sent to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin through the form on the Web site of the prime minister of Russian Federation the following message:

Hello Vladimir Vladimirovich,

In the past I have almost finished a mathematical faculty of a university. However I decided to not finish study and take religious activity. Some time ago my religious views changed as a result of what I decided to return to scientific activity.

I plead for a grant for a research in the field of mathematics and informational technology of equivalent $500/month lifetime. This sum would allow me to fire from the job (I work as a programmer.) and concentrate on scientific activity. I ask also an additional grant of equivalent $2100 for studying English in Wall Street Institute.

My research is breakthrough.

My research is presented at http://www.mathematics21.org

My letter was sent 26 August 2010. Putin has not answered.

My rights are violated! Appeals of the citizens sent electronically through the official Internet portal of the premier of Russian premier are considered accordingly the federal law «About the procedure of considering appeals of citizens of Russian Federation» 59-ФЗ. Accordingly this law Written appeals of the citizens must be necessarily registered during three days from the moment of receipt in a state agency, an agency of municipality or a public officer… Written appeal received by a state agency, an agency of municipality, or a public officer in accordance of their competence are considered during 30 days from the day of registration of the appeal. It has passed already more than 33 days but the premier has not replied. This is a violation of my rights!

I consider the issue whether to sue against Putin. It is open who to blame Putin himself or his administration.


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